Michel Design Works fragrances convey various moods and set special scenes, just as our designs do. The scent of fresh morning rain in our Nest & Eggs collection is light and clean and suggests a much subtler mood than, say, the heavier, sweeter honey almond scent in our Black Florentine collection. We offer a wide array of fragrances and they fall into five general categories: Botanical, Fruit, Herbal, Natural and Spice.


Botanical fragrances will have a wide variety of notes, ranging from sweet blooming florals to musky jasmine to dry amber.

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Fruit fragrances may include notes of sparkling lemongrass, tangy yuzu, luscious pear or ripe berries.

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Herbal fragrances refer to soothing scents such as Lavender Rosemary, as well as grassy green scents with notes of moss, cut grass or green olive.

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Natural fragrances have a more neutral bouquet, reminiscent of beaches, rain or pine.

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Spice fragrances tend to be slightly heavier with possible notes of cinnamon, almond, cedarwood or patchouli.

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